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Hello there! I'm Karen and I am a remedial and

sports massage therapist. My qualification is level

5 Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy, which I gained at the very well reputed Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. My clinic is based in Yorkley, in the Forest of Dean.

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My Story

I chose to train as a massage therapist because I realised the power of massage after I turned to it in desperation for an upper back injury several years ago.

I had twisted awkwardly trying to get a bag of compost out of the boot of the car, and felt it 'go' at the time. Progressively the pain worsened daily, often reducing me to tears with it's severity. Physiotherapy exercises had no effect (and were too painful to do properly) so after almost a year of suffering I booked in for a massage with a qualified practitioner. I had never had a massage to treat injury before and it was a revelation! After the first treatment there was an improvement, and within only 3 or 4 treatments the constant nagging pain had been massively reduced.

So now I am totally passionate about bringing the same sorts of benefits to my clients through massage techniques.

I really understand how important being active is to us all, and the physical and mental benefits it can bring us. Although I have always enjoyed gardening, it's only since my 40's that I discovered that 'proper' exercise could be enjoyable and fun.  I had a bike for my 40th birthday, then started running and swimming and in the couple of years prior to Covid I took part in several triathlons which I absolutely love although I'm not going to be breaking any records!

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