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What to expect at your first appointment

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At our very first appointment there's a little paperwork to go through to start with, then we can discuss your problem so the most appropriate treatment for you can be decided.

If you have opted for a postural assessment, this is where we start. Whilst you are standing or sitting, I make note of any imbalances, differences in symmetry, and areas of tension and tightness. This can tell me where your problem may stem from, and I can tailor your treatment accordingly.


Otherwise, depending on your reason for massage, I may start with some range of movement tests to assess the limitations of movement of your affected areas. This doesn't take long so we can move onto the massage quickly.

Before I start the massage treatment, I will discuss with you how I plan to treat you and the areas I would like to work on.


There will be a drape to cover you throughout the treatment, and I am conscious of your modesty at all times, only undraping the areas needing to be worked on. 

As well as massage, I use various techniques in treating soft tissue. These may include, for example, neuromuscular technique, muscle energy technique, soft tissue release and positional release.

Depending on your reason for massage, I often finish our session by giving advice on stretches and exercises you can do at home.

What to bring with you and wear

If you have decided on a postural assessment, shorts, and a bra top for ladies, is ideal. If you are not comfortable in this and want to wear a t-shirt etc, I can work around that. Just let me know what you are most happy with.

I would advise attending the appointment in loose, comfortable clothing, maybe wearing your shorts underneath ready for the postural assessment.

You will usually need to undress for the massage, depending on the area we are massaging, but you will be covered by a drape which is moved to just expose the area to be worked on. Briefs / underpants should be kept on please.  Do please let me know if you are not comfortable undressing as I can adapt techniques to still give you a beneficial treatment. 


When you dress again after your treatment, don't forget you will still have some massage oil on your skin. Any that gets on clothing does launder out, but if you are concerned then it's best to wear something you won't worry marks.

You may like to bring a bottle of water or other drink with you for after your treatment. 

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