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Easter 2024

Happy Easter! Let's hope the weather starts to improve a bit, we've had a hint of sunshine the last couple of days, but pleeeeeease stop raining!  The lighter evenings are coming, better weather (hopefully) which makes us feel like getting out there and getting active. If your active is running a marathon or just sweeping the pathway, maybe you have discovered a new 'niggle'. Don't suffer with it, let's sort it before it gets worse. 

Image by Nate Johnston

January 2024

Happy new year!

If your New Year Resolution was to get fit and you got injured instead, don't despair! Help is on hand! I can help with your recovery from injury, so you can get back on track again. Soft tissue therapy and sports and remedial massage can really help with rehabilitation and get you back to active once more. 

September 2023

Well, it looks like Autumn has arrived with the rain, and if like me you are trying to tidy the garden in between torrential downpours - well, good luck! My best advice for looking after your body if you haven't been gardening much over the summer is 'little and often'. Have plenty of rests, make sure you stand and straighten up regularly, and try not to be in one position for too long. I know it's hard to do this when you feel you need to get as much done as possible (I, for one, am terrible for this!) but your body will thank you for it!


August 2023

I've just added another frequently asked question to the FAQ section 'are the massage oils and waxes you use vegan?'  Yes, they are, and cruelty-free also. As an animal lover it is really important to me that the products I use are cruelty-free and contain no animal ingredients. That also goes for the cleaning and laundry products I use. I am also currently trying to go a bit 'greener' and reduce the amount of paper towel I use. No one likes seeing trees cut down when alternatives can be used, so I am currently making washable and reusable material strips to use in place of paper towel on the couch. If we all do our bit, change will eventually come.


July 1st 2023

July 1st already, a pinch and a punch etc. Sounds painful! Which leads me to one of the questions I am frequently asked:- ''Your kind of massage has to be painful to work, right?'' WRONG! Massage doesn't have to be painful to be beneficial, in fact sometimes if it's too painful all it causes is for you to tense up your muscles and 'board up'.  I won't deny that some of the techniques I use can be uncomfortable, but I am mindful to your feedback, and tailor the treatment accordingly. Please message me if you are thinking about having a treatment but are concerned that it might be too painful, and I can go through it with you and we can discuss what will work for you.


June 2023

Hello everyone, welcome to the new website! I've tried to make it easy to navigate and to-the-point. I hate waffle! If there's not enough info and you'd like to know more about something, please do get in touch and ask. 

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